expert_migrattionWhat is AVG CloudCare?

AVG CloudCare™ is a powerful remote management platform with add-on services to improve the protection and productivity of your home or small business and profoundly simplify your IT management. Our protection monitors all of your covered computer 24 hours a day and if any suspicious activity happens, our technicians take control and eliminate the threat behind the scenes before it can do any damage or leak your vital personal information.

How are we different from your current antivirus protection?

Managed Protection vs. Un-Managed Protection: Your current Un-Managed antivirus protection involves downloading and installing the client software and receiving periodic remote-support-300x225updates; this might leave you vulnerable to virus and security breaches that could possibly allow your personal data to be stolen. You install the client software and you sit back and hope that it’s protecting your computer. With our fully Managed AVG CloudCare protection you have access to a highly trained staff of technicians that monitor the activities of your computer 24/7. If something unusual occurs, our software alerts the technician and the threat can be removed in the background without any interaction from you.

Peace of Mind!

Leverage the power of the cloud

Reduce the need for complex solutions with easy, cloud-based management. We protect your computer from threats 24/7 and remove them in the background before they can harm your computer or steal your information.

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No upfront costs

No new hardware or third-party software is required.

Real-time updates

Wherever they are, your employees are always protected with the latest updates.

Remote management tools

Instant connectivity to any PC to resolve issues, install software, and more.

One-click activation

Real-time activation or deactivation of services and devices.

Pay-as-you-go services

Add-on services are available in monthly, yearly, or 2-year subscriptions.

Easy policy deployment

Easy email link to download and install in minutes from anywhere with internet access.

Remove outdated antivirus software

Get up-to-date AVG protection and have older antivirus software removed quickly and easily.

Real-time alerts

We can stay on top of any issue with instant email and text alerts.